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ZoomerBoomer offers military themed Original and Reproduced Art,  Greeting Cards, Posters, Collectables, Photography, Clothing and other works  inspired by those who serve our nation on Land, at Sea, and in the Air and Space in defense of our Freedom and Democracy as embodied in that most extraordinary document, "The Constitution of the United States of America"


Affordable Quality: Our products use quality materials that are affordably priced yet  rich and distinguished looking.   You can be  proud to display and use them for many years to come.

Our prints are made using what is commonly referred to as "Giclee" process using Archival quality papers and inks or on Canvass.  Some products are printed using Lithography.

All prints come framed and most are double matted* with Plexiglas* and ready to hang using an attractive style that optimizes the subject matter and is  suitable to any decor.  Not only does this protect the Print in handling and shipping, but enables you to immediately enjoy the beauty of the images  as  soon  you receive them.  Our volume framing enables us to make these high quality prints even more affordable.

* Images printed on canvas do not have Plexiglas or any other covering.


Made In America.  Whenever possible every component and process that makes up our products are Made In America.   This includes the printing, paper, inks, frames, clothing, other materials, assembly, and the subject matter itself.

Sometimes this may result in slightly higher prices but we believe it is well worth the cost in added quality and doing our part to strengthen our nation.  


We can't promise that everything we sell will be Made In America, but we can promise to work as hard as possible to buy American so we can sell American.  We also promise to work as hard and efficiently as possible in order to give the best overall value for quality and price.  


Our images are almost exclusively American in theme because our work is dedicated to the Men and Women who have served our nation in defense of our freedom and democracy.  


We also include some British imagery in honor of the close relationship between our countries and the special contribution the British have made to the  defense of freedom and democracy over many years.  

To the extent there may sometimes be scenes that include images of the "enemy" they are only incidental to the overall scene.  



Occasionally we use other imagery when the circumstances warrant.


Our works are produced using a variety of state-of-the-art processes that meet generally accepted standards for "Archival Quality".  However, since  this and other terms are often used by many others for marketing purposes it is important to understand their real meaning. 




We strive to use the best combination of paper, ink,  printing methods, and technology to achieve a distinguished and long lasting image at an affordable price. 

We print on heavy grade " Archival  Quality" papers or canvas using archival quality inks.    "Archival Quality" involves a number of complex issues.  A main criteria for paper being "archival quality" is that it is "acid free" and in fact most papers are "acid free".  Obviously there are many different types, thickness, and quality of papers. 

There are two broad categories of inks: "Dye Based" and "Pigment Based".  Generally speaking "Pigment Based" inks tend to be longer lasting.  However, there are many considerations involving color and other technical considerations that are important.  

There is no exact definition of what actually constitutes "Archival Quality". The combination of various ink types, paper types, back materials, the type of printer, and the number of colors all have an important impact on the archival quality and image quality.  It  should also be noted that the mounting of the image and the environment in which it is displayed also impacts on the longevity and appearance.

Additional information on this complex subject can be found at the Wilhelm Research Institute.




Be honest.  "Giclee" (from the French word "to spray")  is nothing more then a  marketing term gimmick begun in the early 1990's that simply means the image is printed on an "ink jet printer".   These days just about everyone has an ink jet printer and the quality and resolution of even consumer quality printers can be exceptional.  But as most people know, ink and paper is expensive and getting a flawless print with the sharp colors and images can often be challenging, especially as the print size gets larger and larger.  The printer, number of colors and type of inks, the paper, the software, the operator, and of course the quality of the original image itself all combine to determine the quality of the final output.



Some of our images and products are produced using a Lithography printing process.   Lithography Is a method of printing based on the repellent nature of oil and water.  The image is impressed upon a stone or plate using an oil base.  Ink is applied to the plate but only adheres to the oil.  " Offset" printing is a form of Lithography where the image from the plate is then applied on to a rubber plate that is then applied to the paper.  When we use Lithography we use state-of-the-art printers with archival quality inks and paper.



All sizes are approximate.

We are committed to your complete satisfaction.  If you are not totally satisfied with any of our products we gladly accept its return with a full refund less shipping costs.

: We do not share your information with anyone.  However, please keep in mind that our online sales involves 3rd parties for transactions and credit companies for payment processing.  These are all highly reputable companies and any online purchases are acknowledged to be subject to the Privacy Policies of these third parties.

Copyright: this website and all images and any other work are copyright protected.  Do not copy in any way whatsoever without prior approval.


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